A Healthy Breakfast Is A Great Start Of The Day


Eating a healthy breakfast gets you off to a great nutritional start to your day. Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast consume an average of 100 calories less than those who skip this first meal. Over time, this one little change can make quite a difference.  Not only will you start losing weight, … Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle, Not Diet

We hate that four-letter word: DIET.  The word itself is loaded with preconceived notions about starvation, deprivation, discomfort and struggle.  Who wants to go there?  Not many of us. Rather than starting another “diet,” why not change your outlook about eating and exercise, and start seeing your daily choices as components of a healthy lifestyle? … Continue reading

Habits Can Ruin Your Weight Loss

lethargic habbit

We all have habits and routines that work against our desire for positive change, and one of the places this is most obvious is in the choices we make about our health and well-being.  Even if we know that junk food isn’t good for us; even if we know we shouldn’t smoke; even if we … Continue reading

Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism


A slow metabolism means you burn fewer calories, and more fat gets stored. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off easily, your metabolism is a key player.  What is “metabolism” anyway?  In very simple terms, it’s the process of converting calories into energy. The good news is that there some very simple … Continue reading

Why Diets May Not Work for You

dieting-doesnt work

Have you ever started a diet and gotten extremely frustrated because it didn’t seem to be working?  Maybe you lost a few pounds at the beginning but then stalled, or maybe you seemed to run into a brick wall right from the start. Why does this happen?  There are several possible reasons, and below are … Continue reading