Weight Loss Recipe | Soy Chocolate Cookies

Ingredients 2-cup soy flour 1-cup whole-wheat flour 1 cup zero sugar 2 tbsp low fat butter ½ tsp baking soda/1/4 tsp baking powder 2-egg whites/salt 2 pinch 2-3 tbsp low fat milk 2 tbsp cocoa powder ½ cup chocolate chips 2 tsp vanilla essence   Method Preheat oven at 375f. In a large mixing bowl … Continue reading


Y-Squat weight loss

The Y Squat will give you a chance to work your gluets,hamstrings and quads and your core will act as a stabiliser. • Hold your hands over your head in a “Y” formation at all times. • Keep your upper back and shoulders tensed throughout the exercise. • Stand with your feet just greater than … Continue reading

Weight Training For Fat Loss

Weight training is an extremely important aspect of fat loss. Your metabolic rate is very much determined by the amount of muscle mass you carry. The more muscle you have (and keep!), the faster your fat loss will be. The major modifications I recommend when it comes to weight training for fat loss are a … Continue reading

Fasting for weight loss | Does it work ?

fasting for weight loss

Fasting for weight loss is believed to be a way to get rid of weight quickly and easily, without having to exercise. The truth is, in mostly all cases, fasting for weight loss isn’t reliable for the body and is done by stopping (again, gradually) to use former food but switch it to better food. … Continue reading