A Healthy Breakfast Is A Great Start Of The Day

Healthy_BreakfastEating a healthy breakfast gets you off to a great nutritional start to your day. Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast consume an average of 100 calories less than those who skip this first meal. Over time, this one little change can make quite a difference.  Not only will you start losing weight, you will have more energy throughout the day and feel better by giving your body the nutrients it needs after 8 plus hours without any food.

Of course with our hectic lives, it isn’t always easy to find time to sit down to a breakfast meal, let alone cook it in the first place. Don’t let that discourage you though. If you are in a rush, grab a bowl of whole-wheat cereal topped with some fresh fruit and a little low-fat milk. Or prepare some boiled eggs ahead of time. In the morning, just slice one of them and put it on a bagel for a quick and easy bagel breakfast sandwich.

Our personal favorite is breakfast smoothies. Its quick and easy to put them together, the kids love them and if you pour them into a travel mug you have breakfast to go. Give it a try – here’s a free mini-ebook full of all kinds of breakfast smoothie recipes that are good for you.

Print then recipes and keep them next to your blender on the kitchen counter. Try some of the recipes that sound yummy to you and before you know it, drinking your breakfast every morning will become a healthy habit for you and everyone in your family.


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