Fat Loss Supplementation during fat loss programs

weight-loss-supplementsAs far as supplementation goes, I believe in keeping it basic. There are a number of effective fat loss supplements on the market but, in my opinion, a good multivitamin, calcium supplement, protein powder and glutamine powder will cover the majority of your body’s needs in a fat loss program. The real power of most fat loss programs lies in the exercise and nutrition aspects. For the purposes of any fat loss program that you follow, creatine monohydrate intake should be eliminated during the time of program.

In fact, if you can be off of it for at least a month before beginning this program, you’ll get even better results. The reason I recommend staying off creatine is this: when you make the switch to a higher-carb, musclebuilding diet, after fat loss phase (While going into muscle building phase), you can load up on creatine. Your body will take up far more creatine if you’ve been off of it and if you’ve been keeping your insulin levels low through eating low carbs.

That being said, some people may not be interested in taking creatine due its waterretaining properties or simply may not be able to take creatine because it doesn’t agree with them or there may be other reasons. It’s important to note that not taking creatine will not adversely affect the results you get from this program. Using creatine can certainly add to the results you get in the muscle-building phase but it’s not absolutely essential for success.


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