What Type Of Cardio To Use?

cardioThe type of cardio I recommend for best results is high-intensity interval training. This type of training will not only burn a lot of calories during the exercise, it will boost your metabolism very significantly for long after the session. This long-term boost is the real secret to quick fat loss. Low to moderate intensity cardio simply doesn’t give your body a kick like this.

High-intensity interval training can be done anytime, anyplace, with any form of exercise and on any cardio machine. The basic premise of this type of training is to go really hard for a short period of time then go really slow for a period of time to recover. A good example of this is sprinting on a soccer or football field. Start by sprinting the length of one side of the field. Walk slowly over to the other side then sprint all the way down to the end again. Walk back to your original start position, then sprint again. Repeat this cycle for several rounds.

Another example is on a stationary bike. Start by warming up with a short, slow ride for a few minutes. Kick the intensity up to a high level for 30 seconds and go as hard as you can. Drop the intensity back to a very low level for 30 seconds, then repeat. These are several basic examples. You can follow an interval program programmed onto a cardio machine or you can design your own based on the simple outline of alternating fast and slow periods. Don’t be afraid to push yourself! For best results, I highly recommend using High Intensity Interval Training for the cardio training.

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