Weight Training For Fat Loss

fat loss weight training Weight training is an extremely important aspect of fat loss. Your metabolic rate is very much determined by the amount of muscle mass you carry. The more muscle you have (and keep!), the faster your fat loss will be.

The major modifications I recommend when it comes to weight training for fat loss are a decrease in rest periods between sets and an increase in training volume. As I mentioned in the Program Notes section, the result of short rest periods, combined with higher volume and moderately high reps is increased growth hormone secretion due to lactic acid build-up.
This is very effective for losing fat quickly!

Many trainers make the mistake of only using much lighter weights and much higher reps when weight training for fat loss. All this does is decrease the stimulus on your body for keeping muscle mass! Continue to train with heavy weights and moderate rep ranges (e.g. 6 to 12 rep sets). Your body needs to know you still want to keep your muscles big and strong!

Many trainers also make the mistake of dramatically ramping up their training intensity and throwing in advanced intensity techniques in an effort to increase muscle definition. While including a few intensity techniques (such as supersetting, where you do two exercises back to back) is okay, relying on them for definition will overtrain you in a hurry.

Think about it this way…your body is in a caloric deficit and struggling to hang onto muscle. Why overtax your reduced recovery ability (it’s been reduced through dieting) by breaking down your muscles even more than you do when your recovery is actually greater? You’ll just end up burning more muscle tissue and beating yourself up. Greater muscular definition will come from burning off excess fat, not from doing drop sets on every set.

2 Responses to “Weight Training For Fat Loss”
  1. aashish sharma` says:

    i m ashish my weight 90kg so loose my weight my profession is totally marketing so please suggest it

    • bravozulo says:

      Weight loss is something that cant occur overnight. You will have to follow a proper diet plan as well as a proper workout or yoga plan. Knowledge in this regard is also very helpful to save you from things that can cost you your health. So, keep reading. thanks.

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