Leave drinking to lose weight

Stop AlcoholOne of the least difficult methods to get rid of excess weight is to curb your booze consumption. Not only do alcoholic drinks contain empty calories, they also have the tendency to increase your urge for food and decrease your will power. Not good for someone trying to lose fat.

If you drink alcohol, then you may have some issues with gaining weight. Even if you don’t go out to the clubs every night, don’t think that you’re immune to the side effects of alcohol. That post-work glass of wine, or a few beers on Sunday watching your favorite football team can add fat and do it quickly.

Alcohol consists of about 7 calories per gram – that’s fifty calories consumed in a single (25ml) measure of alcohol – before you add sugar-filled lemonade or cola. You can find about one hundred calories inside a small (125ml) glass of wine and a single can of beer is about 200 calories. Drink 3 or 4 of those and that’s like an entire meal!

Alternatives to Alcohol

When you go out to eat, you may be used to having a cocktail or a beer with dinner. Instead, why not get a glass of lemonade or just an ice water? This is healthier for you, and much, much cheaper. Soda is also another alternative to booze, but I don’t recommend drinking a lot of soda because of the sugar content. It’s really not very healthy. If you cut soda out of your diet completely along with alcohol, you are almost guaranteed to drop some pounds.

Excuses for Not Drinking

Some people are worried what their friends might think if they don’t order a drink when they go out. The truth is that most people really don’t care. If you just tell them that you are trying to cut down, that should be reason enough. Sometimes it’s nice to just order ice water and have it in your hand to sip on. Really though, if you just go to the bar and order an ice water, your friends may just think it’s a vodka-sprite or a gimlet. They won’t know, and they really won’t care.

Committing Yourself

It’s just a matter of taking small steps and following through. If you really want to cut down on drinking or completely quit, then you will find a way to make it happen. I find it best to take a step toward my goal, and then get into a routine. Picture yourself 20 pounds lighter every time you go to the fridge or order a drink at a restaurant. Get into a habit of just drinking water, or getting a lemonade or ice tea when you go out. Once you do this for about a week, it gets easier. You’ll save money, and within 2 or 3 weeks you will notice the pounds dropping. Add some light exercise in the mix, and you will look like a new person in no time!


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